Online test

I have dreamed about going to space and in 2013 that dream came true. I have won a ticket in Axe Apollo Space Academy competition.

Now I want to bring a chance to fly to space to everyone.

We will test the limits of your body, mind and spirit. We value fair and transparent competition. This experience will change your life.

Be a spaceman.
Róbert Vokál, founder

The team

"We are a team of professionals from different fields, aiming for the stars. We believe in humanity, space industry and transparent fair competition. Combining our experience in IT development, operations and project delivery, we will provide you with more than just an application and selection process. Flawless design and great user experience will serve you to your enjoyment. Do not get confused, your journey will be backed with science, serious aeronautics and piloting, as well as sport and competition challenges to select the winner. No matter what place you finish, or how many stages you pass through, we will organize and provide all necessary support, covering mainly your comfort and well-being throughout all activities. Safety and health first, but also fun and thrills with overall great experience will make you want to come back every year"

Róbert Vokál - Founder and Future Astonaut
Juraj Kadlec - Marketing and business modeling
Juraj Jačiansky - Design overlooking
Martin Gašparovič - Event sport piloting